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Today more than ever, success is defined not by your company's products or services, but by your people.  That  means, whether you're a large, global organization or a small-town start-up, your ability to unlock the fullest potential of your people will not only define where you go — but how fast you get there.

At Live Now, LLC coaching, we know that employee engagement is just the tip of the iceberg.  When you dig a little deeper to unleash their potential, you not only empower your people, you make them capable of the highest performance — regardless of where they started, and no matter where it is they want to go.

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About Susan Stern, CPCC, ACC

Susan Stern is a leading Executive Coach specializing in personal and professional leadership development and is a certified MBE. Susan brings a global perspective to her work by challenging her clients to shift their perspectives and habits away from the status quo and opt instead to consider the possibilities. Learn more about Susan here.
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